Gnubi EPX-210 Electrical Test Module

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Gnubi EPX210 Electrical Test Module Quad E1 Port Module

Specifications at glance of EPX210

  • Signal Rate: E1 (2.048 MHz)
  • Interface Line Codes: AMI, HDB3
  • Interface Connectors: 120 Ohm balanced LEMA SA, 75 Ohm unbalanced coaxial BNC
  • Timing References: EPX100 Clock Module External Input
  • Payload Mappings: Signalling (ESF Data Link, Inband), loopback codes
  • Framing: PCM-30, PCM-31
  • Alarm Insertion and Monitoring: LOS, LOF, AIS, RDI, LSS
  • Error Insertion Type: BPB, Frame (FAS), CRC-4, TSE (Pattern Bit)

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