Kamelian OPA/OPB Evaluation Board

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The KAM OPA/OPB evaluation board provides a versatile and user friendly platform for customers to evaluate the capability of Kamelian’s Optical Pre-Amplifier and Optical Power Booster products. Each unit comes with comprehensive PC based software providing easy control and monitoring of the SOA operating conditions. The onboard processor and flexible analogue and digital I/O facilities enable the evaluation unit to be interfaced with other telecommunications equipment for systems based evaluation trials.


Optical preamp (OPA): The high gain semiconductor optical amplifier is primarily intended for use as an optical pre-amplifier in high bit rate applications (10G/bits and 40 Gbit/s). This evaluation unit allows the user to evaluate the capability of the SOA within systems contexts relevant to their own applications.

Optical power booster (OPB): The optical booster amplifier is designed for use within high bit rate transmission systems. Combining small footprint with high output power, the booster amplifier offers a cost effective solution to competing alternatives at the transmitter.

Kit includes :

  • Evaluation PCB
  • rs-232 cable
  • DC cable(psu n/i)
  • CD instruction and software

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