Fujikura CT-07 Fiber Cleaver

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Fujikura CT-07 High Precision Cleaver

Specifications at glance of the CT-07

  • Base Model: CT-04B
  • Adapter Plate Model: AD-07
  • Cleaver Model (Base and Plate: CT-07
  • Applicable fiber Cladding Material: Conventional silica
  • Blade positions: 12
  • Blade height position: 1
  • Total Cleave per blade: 12,000

Specifications of Adapter Plate AD-07

  • Number of fiber to cleave: 1
  • Guide A, Cleaved Length (mm): 6-20
  • Guide B, Cleaved Length (mm): 10-20
  • Guide A Fiber Coating Diameter (mm): 0.25
  • Guide B Fiber Coating Diameter (mm): 0.9
  • Cladding Diameter (um): 125

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