Clauss DS-90-W Diamond Scribe 90 degree

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Clauss DS-90-W Diamond Scribe 90 degree

Specs at a glance for the DS-90-W

- Length 137 mm
- Model: DS-90-W

Additional Information

- Material: Stainless Steel

The DS-90-W is a quality fibre optic scribes featuring a protective retractable barrel with pocket clip and a stainless steel mounted diamond tp and your choice of conical or wedge shapes. These scribes are specially made for the “scratch and pull” technique of scribing optical fibre. The wedge shape provides a more durable edge.  The DS-60-C is a 60° Cone Angle-Diamond Tip Retractable Scribe with a 90° Wedge-Diamond Tip Retractable Scribe.

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