NTT-AT NEOCLEAN E stick cleaner 1.25mm

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NEOCLEAN-E, from NTT-AT, is an innovative optical connector cleaner with a replaceable cleaning cartridge. Residue on the end face of optical connectors can be removed by a simple push that provides a consistent and dependable cleaning every time. Ordering now made available to Canadian customers at Simbol Test Systems.

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  • While the cartridge effectively cleans the end face of optical fiber connector ferrule in an adaptor, using the accessory attachment on the end of the cartridge enables you to also clean the end face of ferrule in an optical plug assembly.
  • Very easy cleaning operation and delivers consistent high quality cleaning performance
  • An alcohol-free, dry thread solution
  • Cleaning cartridge is replaceable and cost effective
  • Has anti-static properties that prevent dust from re-adhering to the ferrule end face
  • Each replaceable cartridge provides 750+ ferrule cleaning cycles


For Optical Connectors: MU*, LC, LC/APC SC, FC, SC/APC, FC/APC
Part No. Assembled Unit Cleaning Cartridge Assembled Unit Cleaning Cartridge
Length (mm) 240 200 230 190

* Cannot be used for cleaning optical fiber connector ferrule end face in an multiport MU adaptor.

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