PhotonCom ASE source, C+L band, 18dBm

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The PhotonCom BLS-CL-18 is an ultra-stable high gain optical amplifier unit designed for applications requiring high optical power over a wide wavelength spectrum. It is a self-contained, rack-mount unit designed to supply the required spectral density across the  C+L wavelength range of 1528 to 1608 nm. That is ideal for the interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensor.

More details

PhotonCom BLS-CL-18 ASE Broadband Source, C+L band, 18 dBm.

Specifications at glance for the BLS-CL-18:

  • Output power typical: 18 dBm
  • Output power minimum: 17 dBm
  • Minimal spectral density: -10 dBm/nm
  • Spectral range: 1528 nm to 1608 nm
  • Output isolation: > 40 dB
  • Output polarization: < 5%
  • Computer interface: RS232
  • Optical Fiber: SMF-28

Contact us for optical connector and optional Gain Flattening Filter.

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