Burleigh DA-100 Detector Amplifier

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Burleigh DA-100 Detector Amplifier, SA Plus and TL Series Fabry Perot Laser Spectrum Analyzer. It is to be used with other equipment from TL and SA Series.

Specifications of DA-100

  • Adjustable Gain Range Steps: x1, x10, x100, x1000
  • Variable Gain Fine Adjstment: continuous
  • Bandwidth Steps (kHz): 0.3 to 100 (0.3 to 20 kHz@maximum gain)
  • Minimum detectable power (Silicon): 1 nW at 633 mn
  • Minimum detectable power (Germanium): 2 nW at 1.5 um
  • Minimum detectable power (Lead Selenide): 0.2 uW at 2.4 um
  • Invert Switch: yes
  • Signal output: BNC
  • Battery powered (9V)


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