Exfo FLS-2600-EI Tunable Laser Source

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Exfo FLS-2600-EI Tunable Laser Source

Specifications at a glance for the FLS-2600-EI

- Wavelength Range: 1520 to 1570 nm

- Wavelength Resolution: 0.01 nm

- Optical Output Level: > 5 dB

- Fiber Type: 9/125 um SMF

Additional Information

- Spectral Linewidth: 0.05 nm (typ.)

- Optical Power Stability: +/- 0.05 dB

- EI: UPC Universal Interface

Connectors for the Exfo FLS-2600-EI:

- EUI-28: DIN 47256

- EUI-76: HMS-10/AG (EI only)

- EUI-89: FC Narrow Key

- EUI-90: ST (EI only)

- EUI-91: SC

- EUI-95: E-2000

Exfo Tunable Laser Sources offer the performance you need for complete characterization of fiber-optic filters, multiplexers and other DWDM components. An erbium fiber ring laser ensures ruggedness, performing well even in demanding production environments. Broad tuning range and excellent stability make these tunable laser sources a logical choice for measuring the wavelength-dependent gain, noise contribution and saturation properties of EDFAs. The Exfo TLS can also perform spectral sensitivity measurements on receivers and detectors.

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