HP E1697A 155Mb/s DS1/DS3 Line Interface

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HP E1697A 155 Mb/s DS1/DS3 Line Interface

Specs at a glance for the E1697A 155 Mb/s

- Number of Channels: Up to 100
- Bandwidth: 3000 b/s to 149.76 Mb/s in increments of 3000 B/S
- Accuracy: +/- 21 ppm

- Channel Control: VCI / VPI / GFC / Payload Type / Cell Loss Priority

Additional Information

- Size: 1 slot C-size VXI card
- Weight: 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) nominal
- Power Dissipation: 36 Watts (max)

The Agilent Technologies E1697A 155 Mb/s Optical Line Interface generates and analyses ATM cell streams contained within a SONET or SDH framing format. It is a single-slot VXI module that provides test capability at the physical and ATM cell layers for the Agilent E4200/E4210 Broadband Series Test System.

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