Newport BM11.16 MicroMeter

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Newport BM11-16 Micrometer

Specs at a glance for the BM11-16

  • Actuator Type: Micrometer
  • Travel: 0.62 in. (16.0 mm)
  • Sensitivity: 1.0 µm
  • Load Capacity: 9 lb (40 N)
  • Graduations: 20 µm

Additional Information

Drive Type: Knob
Color: Silver

The BM11.16 Micrometer features micron-scale resolution and very smooth motion for precision positioning applications. It has a 16 mm travel range and with axial load capacity of 40 N. BM micrometers, which mount via their threaded bezel and are held in place with a threaded collar, are the standard choice of actuator on UMR and MVN Series Stages and on SL Series Mirror Mounts.

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