Newport BT-2024 No Mounting Holes

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but this equipment is currently unavailable.
Newport BT-2024 Option 01 No Mounting Holes
Size (W x L): 20 inches x 24 inches (50.8 cm. x 61 cm.) 2.2" thick
Maximum load Range: 175 lb (80 kg.)

Newport BT Series Options:

  • 01: Stainless steel work surface (no mounting holes)
  • 02: Stainless steel work surface (mounting holes)

Accessories not included in above pricing and not always available

  • ACGP: Air Compressor, high throughput
  • ACMP: Air Compressor, low noise
  • ARF: Air Regulator/Filter
  • BT-A: Air Regulation Filter
  • BT-C: Cable Manager
All Breadboards will ONLY be sold to North American Customers. All breadboards will be shipped on a pallet. A $75USD Preparation and Packaging fee will be applied.

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