Physik Instrumente 6 Axis Control Pad

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Physik Instrumente 6 Axis Control Pad only


The  manual control pad facilitates system setup and testing procedures. It consists of a board F-206.MC6  that plugs into the Hexapod controller and a control pad with six digital "potentiometer" knobs (one for each degree of freedom).

The manual pad works seamlessly with the Hexapod software, and allows programmable step sizes of 0.1 µm to 500 µm (linear) and 0.0001 to 0.5deg (angular) per step. Computer commanded steps can be intermixed with manual positioning input maintaining the true position inside the position registers of the Hexapod controller. The control pad comes with a 3 m cable. A 3 m extension cable is available as part number C-815.MC6.

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