Newport DM11-5 Differential Micrometer

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Newport DM11-5 Differential Micrometer

DM Series Differential Micrometers deliver ultra-fine, sub-micron positioning capabilities and coarse travel up to 25 mm in a single instrument. In most cases, DM Series Differential Micrometers can directly replace BM Series Micrometers and BHC Locking Drives to provide approximately ten times better positioning sensitivity

Specifications at a glance for the DM-11-5:

  • Travel: Coarse: 5.10 mm; Fine: 0.10 mm
  • Sensitivity (µm): Coarse: 1; Fine: 0.1
  • Graduations (um): Coarse 20; Fine 1
  • Load Capacity [lb (N)]: 6.6 (30)

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