NetTest Datacheck 5 V.35 Activity tester

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NetTest Datacheck 5 V.35 Activity tester.


  • Left to right functional panel layout
  • Access to all 34 conductors on both the DTE & DCE sides of interface
  • 34 numbered breakhout switches to individually interrupt all interface conductors
  • 18 LED indicators separated by signal source
  • Separate DTE and DCE connectors
  • Independent balanced mark and space voltage source pins
  • Independent unbalanced mark and space voltage source pins
  • Dual LED balanced monitor for secondary signals
  • Dual LED unbalanced monitor for secondary signals
  • Pulse trap with dual LEDs for balanced and unbalanced circuit to detect intermittant signals

Accessories such as detachable V.35 cable, jumpers and carrying case not included

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