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Laser Diodes, mainly Butterfly laser diode from Alcatel, JDSU, Fitel and others. The lasers have been tested for power and wavelength.
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Reference: 3CN00099BBAA
Designed to provide high optical performance for ITU-T G.652 standard optical fiber and ITU-T G.653 shifted dispersion fiber, the Alcatel 1911 LMC consists of an uncooled, reliable Strained-Layer MQW InGaAsP laser and...
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Reference: FOS2x2
DiCon's 2x2 Prism Switch provides channel selection between a pair of input fibers and a pair of output fibers. Actuated electrically and operating independently of data rate and signal format, the component uses a...
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Reference: 44103550211201
Gould’s low polarization fiber optic TAP couplers & Optical splitters were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and other polarization sensitive applications.Our...
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