Agilent J7230A OmniBER 10G

Agilent J7230A OmniBER 10G

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Agilent OmniBER 10G OTN is not only a powerful SONET/SDH tester, it’s ideal for testing devices and modules for the ITU-T G.709 optical transport network (OTN) too. Equipped with all line rates from 1.5 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s, 10.71 Gb/s (OTU2) and 2.66 Gb/s (OTU1), plus a rich feature set tailored for design and verification applications, OmniBER OTN will help you get your new products to market fast.
OmniBER OTN’s extensive capabilities will help you to ensure that your new products meet the stringent requirements set out in the latest standards. What's more, Agilent’s all-channel monitoring technology lets you simultaneously monitor all STS/AU channels (up to 192) in a received SONET or SDH line signal, continuously, for fast problem resolution and efficient verification of new generation transmission systems.
A comprehensive on-line help system is accessible at the touch of a button, while context sensitive help is provided automatically as you navigate through the user interface. You can also extend the help available by adding your own documentation.

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Agilent J7230A OmniBER Communications Performance Analyzer 10G with options 004, 106, 108


  • Option 004: Bench-top use - side mounted connectors
  • Option 106: Multirate SONET/SDH test 52 to 2488 Mb/s at 1310/1550 nm
  • Option 108: 10 Gb/s SONET/SDH Test (1550 nm)
  • GPIB, RS232
  • Comprehensive (ITU-T G.709) OTU1 and OTU2 optical channel support including Forward Error Correction (FEC) simulation and analysis, and OTU frame capture.
  • Comprehensive contiguous concatenation support including standard STS-3c/AU-4, STS-12c/AU-4-4c, STS-48c/AU-4-16c and arbitrary STS-6c/AU-4-2c, STS-9c/AU-4-3c and STS-24c/AU-4-8c.
  • Network realistic mixed mapping support.
  • Simultaneous BER and alarm monitoring of all STS/AU channels ("Signal Wizard").
  • APS service disruption measurements.
  • Set-up and monitoring of all SONET/SDH/optical channel overhead bytes.
  • Unframed PRBS capability at all rates.