Advantest D3186 Pulse Pattern Generator
  • Advantest D3186 Pulse Pattern Generator
  • Advantest D3186 Pulse Pattern Generator

Advantest D3186 Pulse Pattern Generator

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To accommodate transmission of large-capacity information in the coming multimedia generation, ultra high-speed digital telecommunications networks are being constructed.
For evaluation and analysis of O/E and E/O modules and ultra high-speed logic devices used for multiplexers and repeaters for telecommunications systems, a signal source with high speed and high quality is necessary.
The Advantest D3186 Pulse Pattern Generator/D3286 Error Detector offers excellent waveforms
with high speed and high quality and diverse error detecting functions in an operating frequency range from 150 Mbps to 12.5 Gbps.
In addition, with the 8 M-bit large capacity memory and ADVANTEST's unique frame pattern generation function, the D3186/D3286 is a new generation of error performance test system which is compatible with STM-1(155.52 Mbps) to STM-64 (9.95 Gbps) in SDH/SONET.


  • Excellent waveform quality
  • Generation of SDH/SONET frame patterns (mixed patterns)
    which are close to actual data
  • 8 M-bit memory, 31 stages for PRBS
  • Multi-channel output : 2 data channels, 3 clock channels, and
    sub-rate channels
  • Cross point variable for output waveform
  • Burst signal output
  • 3 Vp-p outputs, effective for EA modulators, etc. (option)


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  • Operating Clock
    Operating clock source: external clock
    Frequency setting resolution:  1 kHz
    Frequency stability: ±10 ppm/year
    Output waveform: Sine wave, approx. 1 Vp-p
    Spurious: -37 dBc (non harmonic wave)
    SSB phase noise: -70 dBc/Hz (10 kHz offset, 12 GHz carrier)
    Frequency memory: 16 items
    Load impedance:  50 Ω
    Connector: SMA (Jack)
    Reference frequency output: 10 MHz, 1.5 Vp-p min., AC coupled,
    Reference frequency input: 10 MHz, 1.5 Vp-p min., AC coupled,
    BNC, automatically switched
  • External Clock
    Frequency range: 150 MHz to 12 GHz
    Input level:  0.7 Vp-p to 1.5 Vp-p
    Input waveform:  Sine wave
    Main unit operating frequency range:150 MHz to 12 GHz
  • Patterns
    Pattern Modes:  Canbe selected from the 3 choices below.
    Pseudo random pattern (PRBS)
    Fully programmable pattern (WORD)
  • PRBS
    Pattern length:  2N-1, where N can be selected from among
    7 choices: N=7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 23 or 31
    Mark ratio: Can be selected from among
    1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 0/8, 1/2B, 3/4, 7/8, or
    8/8 The patterns 1/2B, 3/4, 7/8, and
    8/8 are the logical inversions of the
    patterns 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 0/8 respectively.
    AND bit Shift count:  1 bit
  • Word
    Pattern length:  1 to 8,388,608 (2per23) bits (with ALTER- NATE OFF)
    1 to 4,194,304 (2per22) bits (with ALTER- NATE ON)
    Logical inversion: Possible
    ALTERNATE mode:  Can be turned ON/OFF; When ON,
    can be switched to either of 2 patterns, A or B
    Switching control: Internal, external switching possible
    Internal switching: Done by front panel keys or GPIB
    External switching: Done by external alternate input signal
  • Main Outputs
    Number of outputs: Data, 2 patterns (DATA, DATA)
    Clock, 3 patterns (CLOCK1, CLOCK1,CLOCK2)
  • Data Outputs (DATA, DATA)
    Number of outputs: 2 patterns (DATA, DATA,complementary)
    Format: NRZ
    Coupling: DC
    Amplitude range: 0.5 Vp-p to 2 Vp-p, 10 mV steps
    ( TO 0 V, AC)
    0.6 Vp-p to 1 Vp-p, 10 mV steps
    ( TO -2 V)
    Offset range:  -2 V to +2 V, 10 mV steps ( TO 0 V)
    -1 V to -0.6 V, 10 mV steps ( TO -2 V)
    Rise/fall time:  30 ps max.
    Load terminal conditions: Can be selected as either DC coupled
    TO 0 V, TO -2 V or AC coupled
    Offset setting level:  Can be selected as either HIGH,
    Cross point variable:  ON/OFF selectable
    GPIB selectable
    Load impedance:  50 Ω
    Connector: 2.92 mm (plug)
  • HIGH level, Pattern B at LOW level
    Input level:  0 V/-1 V
    Input impedance: Approx. 50 Ωto 0 V
    Connector: BNC
  • External Error Addition
    Function: When pattern error addition is
    external (EXT), 1 bit error is added for
    every fall edge of the input pulse
    Input level:  0 V/-1 V
    Input impedance: Approx. 50 Ωto 0 V
    Connector: BNC
  • System Functions
    Master/Slave Function
    Function: When used together with the D3286
    Error Detector, allows the pattern
    settings of the D3186 and D3286 to be
    Panel Lock: possible
  • External Clock Generator Control Function
    Function: When external clock generator (SG) is
    used, the frequency and output level are
    controlled from the D3186
    Connection method: Dedicated GPIB connector
  • Remote Control
    Interface: GPIB (IEEE 488-1978)
    Calendar/Clock Function
    Display: Can be selected as either
    year/month/day/hour or day/hour/minute/second
  • File Function: Built-in floppy disk drive
    Functions: Save, re-save, read in, erase and initialize
    Saved data: Operating conditions, pattern settings
    Read in data:  Operating conditions, pattern settings
    Disks used: 3.5 inch floppy disks, 720 KB (2DD),
    1.2 MB (2HD), 1.4 MB (2HD)
    Disk format:  MS-DOS®
    File format:  Proprietary binary format
    MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
  • General Specifications
    Numerical value display: Green 7 segment LED display
    Operating temperature range:  0°C to + 40°C
    +20°C to +30°C (Option 72)
    Operating humidity range: 40% to 85% RH
    Storage temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
    Storage humidity range:  30% to 85% RH (without condensation)
    Power:  AC 100 V to 120 V, AC 220 V to
    240 V (switches automatically) 48 to 63 Hz, sine wave
    Power consumption: 550 VA max.
    Mass:  42 kg max.
    External dimensions:  Approx. 310 (H)×424 (W)×550 (D) mm

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