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Agilent 83437A EELED opt H98

The Agilent Technologies 83437A Broadband Light Source (BBLS) is based on Agilent Technologies’ Edge-emitting LED (EELED) technology. An EELED provides significantly more power density into a single-mode fiber than a regular LED and more than one hundred times that of a white light source.

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Agilent 83437A Broadband EELED Light Source with option H98

Specifications at a glance:

  • Peak Wavelength: 1550 ± 20 nm
  • Power: > -13 dBm, 50 µW
  • Peak Power Density: > -33 dBm, >500 nW/nm
  • Output Return Loss: > 25 dB

Installed Options:

  • H98: is a standard 1550nm broadband light source that has been modified to minimize turn on transient overshoot.

This 87437A modification allows bias adjustment for best response via a front panel adjustment.  A front panel adjustable resistor provides a means to lower the power only.  When this control is set to the maximum position, counter clockwise, the 83437A-H98 will perform as a standard 83437A broadband light source. 

In all other respects the Agilent 83437A Option H98 Broadband Light Source is identical to the standard Agilent 83437A.

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