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Yokogawa is a global leader in the field of measurement, control, and automation. Since its founding in 1915, Yokogawa has been committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that meet the needs of customers and society. Yokogawa’s brand is based on the trust of its stakeholders and its desire to co-create value with them. Yokogawa’s products, services, and solutions are widely used in various industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, water, and life sciences. AssetRelay is your online source for buying and selling new and used Yokogawa equipment.

Yokogawa is more than just a name. It is a brand that represents quality, reliability, and excellence in the field of measurement, control, and automation. For over a century, Yokogawa has been delivering cutting-edge technologies and solutions that help customers optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Yokogawa’s brand is built on the trust of its customers and other stakeholders, and its vision to co-innovate tomorrow with them.

Yokogawa’s slogan is “Co-innovating tomorrow”. This slogan expresses Yokogawa’s determination to continually engage in the co-creation of value by working in long-term partnerships with customers to develop solutions that address their challenges and opportunities. Yokogawa’s brand slogan also reflects its resolve to move steadily into the future, one step at a time, by leveraging its core competencies of measurement, control, and automation.

Yokogawa’s identity is symbolized by its corporate logo and key graphic element. The corporate logo consists of a yellow square with the word “Yokogawa” in black. The yellow square represents the sophistication, precision, and accuracy of Yokogawa’s products, services, and solutions, as well as the warmth and kindness of Yokogawa as a company. The black word “Yokogawa” signifies the stability, confidence, and professionalism of Yokogawa as a trusted partner. The corporate logo also resembles a lodestar that points the way to a sustainable society, which is Yokogawa’s mission and raison d’etre.

The key graphic element is the Leading Square, which is a yellow square that radiates light in all directions. The Leading Square symbolizes Yokogawa’s power to innovate and lead the way in solving social issues that will point the way to a brighter future. The Leading Square also represents the places where people gather and connect to engage in co-innovation, which is the essence of Yokogawa’s brand.

Yokogawa’s is reflected in its products, services, and solutions, which cover a wide range of applications and industries. Yokogawa offers measurement instruments, controllers, recorders, analyzers, and sensors that ensure high accuracy, reliability, and performance. Yokogawa also provides control systems, software, and services that enable customers to monitor, control, and optimize their processes and plants. Yokogawa also develops solutions that integrate measurement, control, and automation with information technology, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation. Yokogawa’s products, services, and solutions are widely used in various industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, water, and life sciences, as well as in emerging fields, such as hydrogen, biotechnology, and smart cities.

AssetRelay is your online marketplace for buying and selling used Yokogawa equipment. AssetRelay offers competitive prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Simbol Test Systems, our Lab, also provides technical support, calibration, and repair services for Yokogawa equipment. AssetRelay is your one-stop shop for all your Yokogawa needs. 

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Reference: AQ2200-331G6FCC
USD $899.00
AQ2200-331 ATTN module MMF 62.5 µm fiber FC/PC (with a built-in optical power meter) See specifications below for AQ2200-331G6FCC Model#735133-G6-FCC
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Reference: AQ2200-642
USD $1,297.00
The Yokogawa AQ2200-642 reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining bus and power control features into the same mainframe that performs Signal Generation, BERT and Optical testing....
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Reference: AQ2200-411-04G6
USD $1,457.00
Yokogawa AQ2200-411-04-G6-FCC Switch configuration: 1x4 Number of switch: 1 Wavelength: 850/1300 nm Insertion loss: 1 dB (typical) 1.4 dB or less Reproducibility: ± 0.01 dB or less Crosstalk: -50 dB or...
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Reference: AQ6370B
USD $23,697.00
Yokogawa Ando AQ6370B Optical Spectrum Analyzer includes the modifications to the monochromator in comparison with Ando AQ6317B and AQ6370. The AQ6370B, like its predecessors, offers an "in air" input which allows the...
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