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dBm Optics 2004 Passive CSA

The dBm Optics 2004 Component Spectrum Analyzer™ will characterize loss, polarization dependencyand return loss quickly, accurately and repeatable—all at an affordable cost. dBm Optics’ technology supports unprecedented optical repeatability, accuracy, and speed. A device can be characterized over a 100 nm spanat 1 pm resolution with 1 pm and 0.015 dB accuracy in less than 1 second.

Loss measurements usually require a reference measurement—then a measurement of the loss. The 2004 eliminates the need for the reference measurement entirely by using a proprietary real-time reference. The 2004 is constantly monitoringthe input power to the device and calculating the lossbased on the power out of the device. In addition to speeding the measurement and eliminating the reference errors, the 2004 also eliminates the effect of variation in the source power between the reference and the loss measurement. The result: the most accurate loss measurements available anywhere.


  • IL and ORL simultaneously measured in less than 1 second over a 100 nm band
  • IL, ORL and PDL simultaneously measured in less than 8.5 seconds over a 100 nm band
  • >65 dB dynamic range at full speed; >100 dB total dynamic range
  • Low PDL error and high repeatability
    • <0.0015 dB polarization dependency
    • <0.005 dB repeatability
  • Real time referencing reduces test time and increases accuracy
  • <1 pm wavelength accuracy with built-in wavelength meter
  • Built-in or external TLS or fixed wavelength sources
  • Built-in or external polarization controller 100,000 readings per second for fast testing and to capture dynamic performance
  • PDL, ORL, PWCW and PDBW simultaneously at high speed
  • Communicate over GPIB or Ethernet
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dBm Optics 2004 Passive CSA

The dBm Optics, Passive Component Spectrum Analyser (CSA), Model 2004 operates with any tunable laser source to measure > 67 dB dynamic range at 100,000 readings per second per channel. Over 1,000 channels can be measured at one time.

It is designed to measure Optical Switches, MUX, DeMUX, Filters, Interleaves and DWDM Subsystems.

Use with any step or continious sweep TLS.


  • Options: 301 (Power Reference)
  • 310 (Auto Dark Cal)
  • 401(WREF Module)
  • 740 (GPIB Controller)
  • 940 (ORL)
  • 956 (PDL)
  • 992 (Source Split Switch)

NO 660 (TLS)

Ports: GPIB, Printer, Mouse and Keypad, RS232C, External VGA, LAN

It would work on 110/115/230/240 V AC

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