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Noyes Mini-100 SC, ST, FC One-Click

The AFL OneClick-M-05MZOne-Click Cleaner Mini-100 is a compact tool used for cleaning SC/ST/FC connectors. The smaller, ergonomic cleaner offers the same performance and technology as the original One-Click Cleaner and is perfect for field technicians, as well as a great addition to any cleaning kit. It has mechanical push action that delivers consistent cleaning results and is effective on a variety of contaminates including oil and dust. The One-Click Mini-100 Cleaner is compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS).
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One-Click Cleaner Mini-100 SC/ST/FC Offering the same technology and performance as the original, the One-Click Cleaner is now available in a smaller, more compact size, which allows for cleaning of connectors in tighter places. Its smaller size also makes it a great addition to test kits and cleaning kits. The One-Click Mini that is offered by AFL as a low cost solution with 100+ cleans per unit
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