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HP 83486A 041 Optical Electrical Module

The HP Agilent 83486A optical/electrical plug-in module incorporates two measurement channels, one optical and one electrical. The electrical channel has two selectable bandwidth settings. In the lower bandwidth mode of 12.4 GHz, oscilloscope noise performance is excellent, while the 20 GHz mode allows greater fidelity for high speed signals. The calibrated, integrated optical channel has over 2.85 GHz bandwidth and allows easy, precise measurements of single-mode or multimode optical signals.

The integrated optical channel reduces electrical mismatch loss variation by eliminating signal distorting cables and connectors associated with the use of external receivers in order to accurately characterize optical waveforms. The optical channel is calibrated to provide both accurate display of the received optical waveform in optical power units and measurement of the signal’s average power. In addition, the User Cal feature provides for consistent accuracy at any wavelength between 1000 nm and 1600 nm using a source and power meter.

The Agilent 83486A optical/electrical plug-in module also is a calibrated SONET/SDH reference receiver that is measured to conform to ITU-TS G.957 and TANWT-000253 frequency response requirements (Option 040) or to reference receiver specifications for Fibre Channel (FC) 1063 and Gigabit Ethernet for transmitter compliance testing (Option 041). By pressing a front-panel key or issuing an GPIB command, a filter is inserted or removed from the measurement channel by a very repeatable Agilent Technologies microwave switch. The switch removes the potential variability and the time wasted by manually inserting and removing the filter when alternating between highfidelity waveform characterization and SONET/SDH compliance testing.

The electrical measurement channel may be used to perform measurements on tributary electrical signals, to evaluate receiver performance in transceiver testing, for measurements with Agilent Technologies’wide range of external optical receivers, or for general purpose measurements.

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Agilent HP 83486A Optical Electrical Plug-In Module for DCA with option 041

Specifications (electrical)

  • Bandwidth (-3 dB): dc to 12.4 GHz or 20 GHz, user selectable
  • DC Accuracy—single voltage marker
    12.4 GHz  ±0.4% of full scale
                     ±2 mV ±1.5% (reading –channel offset)
    20 GHz ±0.4% of full scale
                 ±2 mV ±3% (reading –channel offset)
  • DC Difference—two marker accuracy on same channel
    12.4 GHz  ±0.8% of full scale
                     ±1.5% of delta marker reading
    20 GHz ±0.8% of full scale
                 ±3% of delta marker reading
  • Transition Time (10% to 90%) calculated from T=0.35/BW, characteristic
    12.4 GHz ≤28.2 ps
    20 GHz ≤17.5 ps
  • Maximum RMS Noise
    12.4 GHz ≤0.5 mV (0.25 mV characteristic)
    20 GHz ≤1 mV (0.5 mV characteristic)
  • Scale Factor (full scale is eight divisions)
    Minimum 1 mV/div
    Maximum 100 mV/div
  • DC Offset Range ±500 mV
  • Nominal Impedance 50 ?
  • Connector 3.5 mm (m)
  • Reflections ≤5% for 30 ps rise time
  • Dynamic Range ±400 mV relative to channel offset
  • Maximum Safe Input Voltage 16 dBm peak ac ±2V dc

Specifications (optical)

  • Bandwidth (-3 dB) dc to 2.85 GHz (dc to 3.0 GHz characteristic)
  • Maximum Specified Peak Input Power
    Continuous Wave 0.6 mW (-2.2 dBm)
    Modulated 0.4 mW (-4 dBm)
  • DC Accuracy (single marker)
    ±0.4% of full scale ±6 µW
    ±3% (reading –channel offset)
  • DC Difference(two marker accuracy, same channel
    ±0.8% of full scale
    ±3% of delta marker reading
  • Transition Time (10% to 90%), calculated from T=0.48/bandwidth, optical
    <160 ps, unfiltered mode
  • RMS Noise, filtered mode
    Option 040 Characteristic: < 1.0 µW
    Maximum: < 1.5 µW
    Option 041 Characteristic: < 1.5 µW
    Maximum: < 2.5 µW
  • Scale Factor (full scale is eight divisions)
    Minimum 5 µW/div
    Maximum 100 µW/div
  • DC Offset Range +0.2 mW to -0.6 mW
    Connector Type 62.5/125 µm maximum multimode
  • Input Return Loss
    single-mode 33 dB (HMS-10 connector with 9 µm fiber) (characteristic)
    multimode 20 dB (HMS-10 connector with fully filled 62.5 µm fiber) (characteristic)
  • Filtered Bandwidth Measured response conforms to:
    Option 040 ITU-TS G.957 and TANWT-000253 for reference receivers for both STM-1/OC-3 and STM-4/OC-12 data rates
    Option 041 Reference receiver specifications for FC 1063 and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Calibrated Wavelengths 1310 nm and 1550 nm
  • Average Power Monitor
    Specified operating range -30 dBm to 0 dBm (1 µW to 1 mW)
    Factory calibrated accuracy (20°C to 30°C) ±5% of reading ±100 nW ±connector uncertainty
    User calibrated accuracy (<5°C temp change) ±2% of reading ±100 nW ±power meter uncertainty
  • Maximum Safe Input 10 mW peak
  • Wavelength Range 1000 to 1600 nm

We have a similair Agilent HP 83486A module for DCA with options that could be in stock.

  • Option 040 155 and 622 Mb/s switchable internal filters
  • Option 041 1063 and 1250 Mb/s switchable internal filters
  • Option H48 includes: 1063, 1250 & 2488 Mb/s filters

Click here to check the listing for a 83486 option H48

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