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Agilent 86106A opt102 O/E DCA Module

The Agilent 86106A Plug-In module is compatible with Agilent DCA Mainframes 86100x Series. The 86106A wavelenght range is 1000-1600 nm and consist of one 40 GHz electrical channel and one 30 GHz optical channel. It can be fitted with 1x filter. This 86106A Option 102 includes 9.953 Gb/s Filtered data rate.

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Agilent 86106A Option 102 Optical/Electrical Plug-In Module for DCA.

Agilent 86106A is incorporating two measurement channels - one optical, the second electrical. Each channel has two selectable bandwidth settings.

Optical specs at glance:

  • Optical Channel Unfiltered Bandwidth: 30 GHz
  • Number of Optical Channel: 1
  • Wavelength Range: 1000 nm to 1600 nm
  • Fiber input: 9/125 µm
  • Sensitivity: -8 dBm
  • Option 102: OC-192/STM-64, 9.953 Gb/s, Fith Order

Electrical specs at glance of 86106A Option 102

  • Number of electrical channel: 1
  • Electrical Channel Bandwidth: 18 GHz and 40 GHz
  • Transition Time: 19 ps (18 GHz) and 9 ps (40 GHz)


  • 86100A/B/C Infiniium DCA/DCA-J Mainframes
  • 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer Mainframe

HP Options

  • 101: OC-192/STM-64, 9.953 Gb/s, Fourth Order
  • 102: OC-192/STM-64, 9.953 Gb/s, Fifth Order

One Optical Interface connector 81000XI is required. It is not included.

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