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Agilent 81661A DFB 1529.55 nm

The HP Agilent 81640A option 072 is a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PM) fibered Tunable Laser (TLS) with built-in wavelength control. It is mode-hop free with continuous output power making it suitable for critical DWDM component testing. The 81640A covers the wavelength range 1510 nm to 1640 nm. The Agilent HP 81640A has 2 outputs; one being a low SSE and the other a high power output at 4dBm. Many angled connectors are available for this TLS.

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Agilent 81661A Option 309 1529.55 nm, DFB Module for multimeters 8163A/B, 8164A/B and 8166A/B.

Specifications of 81662A

  • Center Wavelength: 1529.55 nm
  • ITU Frequency: 196.00 THz
  • Tuning wavelength range : ± 0.500 nm
  • Wavelength display resolution: 0.01 mm
  • Wavelength repeatability: ± 0.003 nm (typ. ± 0.001 nm)
  • Fiber type: Panda PMF 9/125 µm
  • Output connector: APC
  • Maximum output power: either 0 dBm or 10 dBm, Contact us.
  • Power stability (15 min): typ. ± 0.005 dB
  • SMSR: typ. 45 dB
  • PER: typ. > 20 dB

Optical Interface Connector 81000NI is not included. One optical connector is needed.

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