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Nortel FA17U(FAC-119)-C28 EDFA

Nortel Network’s type-119 optical amplifier subrack has been designed for use in optical transmission and CATV systems. It combines Nortel Network’s high performance EDFAs and a custom user friendly interface with mains or 48V DC power supply. The EDFA provides gain to low level signals with excellent noise figure performance. The unit can be configured through the front panel keys and LCD display or via the RS232 craft interface. RS485 and voltless contact relays are also provided for remote sensing on the rear of the unit. Fiber access is from the front of the chassis and is protected by an interlock mechanism which renders the output safe to thr eyes when opened.

Performance has been optimised for low noise figure over a large input power range by careful selection of both passive and active components. The amplifier consists of optically pumped erbium-doped fibre using Nortel Network’s high reliability 980 nm laser diodes. Input and output ports are optically isolated to maintain stable operation of the amplifier module in system applications. Optical splitters couple a small fraction of the input and output light onto photo-diodes for monitoring and control. The micro-controller ensures optimum optical stability and also allows the user to define the operating parameters and monitor the device performance.

The unit is housed in an industry standard 1U high subrack which fit in an ETSI 22” or 19” profile, with input and output connections through receptacled SC/APC fitted as standard. Other connectors are available on request. The fiber exit is protected by an interlock which disables the pump lasers whenever the cover is opened. 220/110V or 48V DC power is applied to the rear of the unit, along with connections for RS485 serial communications channel and voltless contact relay alarm outputs. The front panel contains a status light, a 2 x 24 character backlit LCD, push button to navigate on the display, on/off key and an RS232 Craft Interface.

- Transmitter port-amplifier in transmission systems
- CATV fibre amplifier
- Optical line booster
- Low Input pre-amplifier

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Nortel FA17U(FAC-119)-C28 EDFA Telecom Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier

Specifications at a glance for the FA17UFAC119C28:

- Operating Wavelength: 1525-1565 nm

- Noise Figure: < 5.2 dB

- Output Power: 17.76 dBm

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