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Fujikura FSM-45PM Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura FSM-45PM splicer is designed to handle dissimilar fiber combinations with ease and splices various types of fibers ranging from 80um to 400 µm clad diameter. The 45PM splicer features Fujikura's patented sweep arc technology to minimize splice loss between different combinations. It features an automatic splice mode that can align 50 types of PM fibers. It has been designed to be compatible with AFL Telecommunications' SpliceMaster and SpliceLab software package, and a full set of LabView drivers, enabling a wide variety of additional functions, including splicing based on test meter feedback (attenuation, polarization, etc.) Communication is through a USB interface.

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AFL FSM-45PM USED polarization Maintaining Fiber Splicer.

The FSM-45PM Splicer easily splices all of the combinations that the FSM-45F splices and also features an "automatic" splice mode that can align 50 types de PM fibers.


  • Aplicable Fiber Types: SM, MM, DS, NZ-DSF, 50 types of PM Fibers, Rare earth metal doped fibers including Er, Yb, etc.
  • Cleave Lenght: 8-10 mm with bare fiber clamping: 3-5 mm with coating clamping
  • Applicable Coating Types: Standard fiber holoders compatible with 165 µm, 250 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm, 900 µm, 900 µm Losse Buffer Tube. Other holders available for alternative fiber diameters


  • General 125 µm fiber Splicing: Best
  • 80 µm fiber alignment (SM core and PM): Good
  • 250 µm LDF: Not good
  • 400 µm LDF: Not good
  • 500 µm LDF: Not good (Electrodes are not durable at higher power level)

Contact us for available accessories such as:

  • Fiber Holders (pair): FH-40/45-250
  • Fiber Holders (pair): FH-40/45-400
  • Fiber Holders (pair): FH-40/45-900
  • Clamp-45-80/400
  • Clamp-45-125
  • Clamp-45-250
  • Clamp-45-400
  • Clamp-49-900
  • Spare Electrodes (pair)
  • ADC-10 AC Adapter/Battery Charger
  • AC Cord
  • Operation Manual
  • Transit Case
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