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Agilent 81002FF Integrating Sphere

This used 81002FF Integrating Sphere has an outside diameter of 80mm and is lined with a highly diffusive material. The basic idea of an integrating sphere is that light enters the sphere and is diffused to uniform power density over the interior surface. A small portion of the total power exits the sphere through a small aperture to the detector in the optical head.

Sold only with 81628B or 81627B.

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Agilent 81002FF Integrating Sphere

The sphere is used for several applications:

High power: the sphere creates an attenuation of approximately 41 dB and has a maximum power specification of + 40 dBm (10 W), providing the highest power handling capability available.

Large beam diameter / large NA: the large size of the sphere makes a very large "target" for the optical power, allowing it to measure from a point source with NA up to 0.5 and up to a 9 mm open beam.Note: Includes 81000FA FC/PC Fiber Adapter.

This item is sold ONLY with the purchase of a 81627B or 81628B optical head

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