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HP E2050A Lan/HP-IB Gateway

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HP E2050A Lan/HP-IB Gateway

The Agilent E2050 LAN/GPIB Gateway allows you to communicate with GPIB-based instruments over LAN from your PC or Series 700 HP-UX controller. Series 300s and 400s are not supported.

The E2050 is a small box containing LAN and GPIB ports that contain enough intelligence to act as a network "server" providing access to its GPIB port from other "clients" on the network.

SICL by default also includes LAN/GPIB server software to allow a controller (a PC with Win95/98/Me/NT/2000 or an S700 controller) to act as a LAN gateway to GPIB. The LAN/GPIB Gateway software is similar to the E2050's built-in server software (and in fact the E2050's server software is derived from it).

A single E2050 can support up to 14 GPIB instruments connected to its GPIB; up to 10 client transactions can be connected at any single time. (The default GPIB address of the E2050 itself is 21.) The E2050 cannot be a non-system controller!

GPIB to 10 Base-T Ethernet and RS-232Port

This product is discontinued and was supported until November 01, 2006.

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