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Newport 325AN Temperature Controller

Two controllers, the Model 325 and 350, provide superior temperature stability and a wide range of power outputs. Each has a fast settling, hybrid P-I control loop that delivers a low noise, bipolar current output in three operating modes: 1) constant R (thermistor), 2) constant T (IC sensors), or 3) constant ITE . A user adjustable ITE current limit setting unconditionally protects the TE modules from damage by excessive drive current independent of the operating mode. The Model 300 Series is compatible with thermistors, and AD590 and LM335 Series IC temperature sensors. Temperature readings (°C) are displayed when using one of these IC sensors. Model 325 AN and 350 AN include an Analog Interface allowing remote instrument control and monitoring of display levels.

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 SpecificationsModel 325
Model 325AN
Output typeBipolar, constant current source
Control Loop TypeHybrid P-I
Maximum Current±2.5A
Compliance Voltage>6V
Available Output Power15W
Current Limit Range0 to 2.5A
Current Limit Accuracy±10mA
Ripple/Noise (rms)<1mA
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