New Focus 6262 Tunable Laser (S+C band)

New Focus 6262 Tunable Laser (S+C band)

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New Focus 6262 Tunable Laser Source

Specifications at a glance for the 6262:

  • Wavelength Range: 1496 to 1580 nm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 0.01 nm
  • Output Power: 20 mW Max.
  • Fiber Type: Single-mode fiber

Additional Information

- Spectral Linewidth: < 300 KHz
- Connector Type: BNC and SMA, contact us for details

The New Focus 6200 series External-Cavity Tunable Diode Laser is a stable, narrow-linewidth source of tunable light. Low-noise analog circuits precisely set critical operating parameters, such as diode temperature and current. The control units work in both manual and remotely programmed modes and are compatible with RS-232 and GPIB addressing.


This unit is sold in conjunction with New Focus 9091 - 9092 units and Newport F-L10B Laser Diode Objective Lens:

New Focus 9091 Single-mode Fiber Positioner:

This five-axis fiber positioner has all motions independently and firmly connected to a single base with a 0.02 µm resolution coupled with unparalleled stability.

- X, Y, Z Travel: 3 mm

- X, Y Coarse Resolution/5º: 4.4 µm

- X, Y Fine Resolution/5ºTurn: 0.02 µm

- Z Resolution/5ºTurn: 4.4 µm


New Focus 9092 Coupler Body:

This coupler body attaches to the Model 9091 or Model 9051 fiber aligner so you can mount optical elements directly to the aligner.

Newport F-L10B Laser Diode Multi-element Objective Lens:

These objective lenses have been specially designed for collimating and focusing laser diodes as well as fiber coupling.

- Wavelength Range: 850-1550 nm

- Numerical aperture: 0.25

- Focal Length: 12 mm

- Working Distance: 6 mm


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