Agilent 81480A Tunable Laser (E band)

Agilent 81480A Tunable Laser (E band)

The HP Agilent 81480A option 072 is a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PM) fibered Tunable Laser (TLS) with built-in wavelength control. It is mode-hop free with continuous output power making it suitable for critical DWDM component testing. The 81480A covers the wavelength range 1370nm to 1480nm. The Agilent HP 81480A has 2 outputs; one being a low SSE and the other a high power output at 5.5dBm. Many angled connectors are available for this TLS.

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Agilent 81480A Option 072 Tunable Laser Source

Specifications :

- Wavelength Range: 1370 to 1480 nm
- Wavelength Resolution: 01 pm (15 MHz at 1450 nm)
- Optical Output Level:

  • Output 1 (Low SSE): -13 dBm
  • Output 2 (High Power): -3 dBm

- Option 072: polarization maintaining fiber, angled contact output connector

- Spectral Linewidth: 100 KHz (coherent control off); > 50 MHz (1420-1470 nm, at maximum flat output power, coherent control on)
- Optical Power Stability: +/-0.01 dB (1420-1480 nm)
- Connector Type: Panda-Type, Angled Contact
- Wavelength Accuracy: +/-0.01 nm

Additional Information

The Agilent Tunable Laser modules with their built-in wavelength control loop push the performance limits. As they are all mode-hop free tunable with continuous output power, they qualify for the test of the most critical DWDM components.



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