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OZ Optics Polarised Source 980 FC/PC

OZ Optics produces Polarized Fiber Optic Sources (PFOSS) in a variety of wavelengths. Sources are available in three versions. A receptacle version is available with the polarization axis aligned with the keyway on the receptacle. A second receptacle style version is available with a rotatable polarizer, allowing one to adjust the polarization axis to any desired angle. Finally, a pigtail style version has a polarization maintaining fiber attached, with the output polarization aligned with the slow axis of the fiber (see the Fiber Optic Laser Diode Source data sheet for details).

As an option, OZ Optics can include a blocking style optical attenuator to manually change the output. Unlike electrical systems, this method of power control does not affect the spectral properties of the laser diode output. This ensures more repeatable results.

While the PFOSS design is quite stable for standard measurements, sometimes reflections or temperature changes can affect the output power and wavelength for applications where stability is critical. OZ Optics recommends using angled connectors and receptacles for optimum stability. Highly Stable Polarized Fiber Optic Laser Sources (HIPFOSS), using Peltier coolers and isolators are also available. See the Highly Stable Polarized Source data sheet for details.

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  • High polarization extinction ratio (up to 40 dB)
  • Stable output
  • Wide range of available wavelengths
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Wide range of connector receptacles available
  • Optional high power versions
  • Optional adjustable output power


  • Extinction ratio measurements
  • Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) measurements
  • Product manufacturing and quality control
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