Melles Griot 13PSQ002  Spot-On Quadrant

Melles Griot 13PSQ002 Spot-On Quadrant

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Melles Griot 13PSQ002 Spot-On Quadrant Detector System Back

Quadrant detectors are designed primarily for measuring small deviations (relative to the beam diameter) from the center (null) position. For these devices to function properly, the beam must impinge simultaneously on all four sectors of the detector. Quadrant detectors are an excellent choice for active position feedback applications and for measuring small beam displacements over long periods of time with a high degree of accuracy and stability.


  • Detector Type: Quandrant
  • Detector Size: 10-mm diameter, 4 sectors seperated by a 10-µm gap
  • Measurement Range: 4-mm-diameter circle centered on the detector center. (Note: the beam must overlap all four sectors)
  • Position Resolution: <0.5 µm
  • Position Accuracy: ±1 µm or ±0.25% of beam diameter, whichever is greater (for displacement of <5% of beam diameter from center)
  • Calibrated Spectral Range:
  • Position: 350-1050 nm
  • Power: 400-1000 nm
  • Power Range: 10 µW to 10 mW
  • Power Accuracy: ±5% for a 1-mW Gaussian beam, 4 mm in diameter, (no ND filter)
  • Plug-in Card Configurations: PCI or PCMCIA
  • Weight: Sensor head and cable 175 g, card is 160 g
  • Melles-Griot