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HCN-13-25 Wavelength Reference Cell

HCN-13-25 Wavelength Reference Cell

Gas cells are precision filters whose absorption wavelengths depend on specific molecular energy level transitions. H13C14N molecular absorption lines have been identified by national standards bodies as a primary wavelength reference in the C-band (1530nm-1565nm). Wavelength References' NIST-traceable gas cells are offered in two standard pressures. 100 Torr and 25 Torr (equipv. to SRMs 2519 and 2519a, respectively). Cells are available in two standard sizes - 5.5cm patch length and 16.5cm. Generally, path length will affect measured absorption depth and pressure will affect the linewidth. Gas cells are hard-sealed for long life and feature advanced optical design for very low level of interference artifacts.

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Specifications at a glance

Wavelength Range: 1525 to 1565
Wavelength Accuracy: < ±0.2pm (expanded uncertainty)
Absorption line depth: 3.2dB (typ.)

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