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Newport MM3000 Motor Controller w/Remote

The Newport MM3000 is a stand-alone integrated motion controller/driver. It can control and drive up to 4 axes of motion, in any stepper and DC motor combination UE41PP. The MM3000 was specifically designed to operate with Newport’s broad line of motion devices. This significantly increases the user friendliness and raises overall performance of a motion system. Using other manufacturer’s motion devices is also possible.A variety of interfaces and input devices allow the user to carry out typical operations in a motion control system. For example, the optional front panel with dedicated displays and push-buttons for each axis can be used for simple motion sequences. The display shows displacement in terms of user-selected units, e.g., encoder counts, microns, mils, degs, etc. In addition, the MM3000 utilizes a menu structure which enables the user to set various system parameters without the use of a computer.
If manual motion through the front panel is not required, the user can choose to have the blank front panel version without display and comunicate with the MM3000 via standard IEEE488 or RS-232C (standard with both versions) with a host computer.
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Newport MM3000 Motion Controller / Driver for 2 Stepper motor UE41PP


• Integrated motion controller and driver
Number of motion axes:
• 2 Axes set up
Trajectory type:
• Non-synchronized motion
• Multi-axis synchronized motion
• Trapezoidal velocity profile
Motion device compatibility:
• Family of motorized Newport motion devices, using either stepper or
DC motors
• Custom motion devices (call for compatibility)
DC motor control:
• 12 bit DAC resolution
• 1 MHz maximum encoder input frequency
• Digital PID servo loop
• 0.256 ms digital servo cycle
Stepper motor control:
• 1.5 MHz maximum pulse rate
• Full, half, ministep (fullstep/10) and microstep (full/100) capability
• Open or closed loop operation
Computer interfaces:
• RS-232C
• IEEE488
Utility interfaces
• 8 bit digital inputs/outputs, user definable
• Analog to digital converter, 8 channels, 10 bits each, 0–9V
• Optional digital to analog converter, 4 channels, 8 bits each, 0–9V
• Remote motor off input (interlock)
User Memory
• 25 KB non-volatile program memory
• 5 KB non-volatile macro memory
• 512 byte command buffer
Operating modes:
• Local mode – stand-alone operation, executing motion from the front
• Remote mode – executing commands received over one of the
computer interfaces or the optional handheld keypad
• Program execution mode – execution of a stored program

• Without cooling fan: 5.28 (3U) H ×19 W ×16.50 D inches
(132 ×475 ×412 mm)
• With cooling fan: 5.94 (4U) H ×19 W ×16.50 D inches
(149 ×475 ×412 mm)
Power requirements:
• 115/230V ±10%, switchable, 50/60Hz
• 4A max.
• AC line only
Line Voltage Fuse Type
115V/230V T4A/250V
• 27 lb. max. (12 Kg max.)
Operating conditions:
• Temperature: 15°C to 40°C
• Humidity: 20% to 85% RH
• Rack Mounting Clearance: 0.5 in (top and bottom)

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