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Newport 2835-C Dual Channel OPM

The Newport 2835-C Dual Channel High Performance Optical Meter is the ideal instrument if you wish to measure low/high power or energy of continuous or pulsed light sources. DC, peak-to-peak and pulse measurements can be displayed in units of W,  dBm, dB, J, Ergs, A and V. They go together with Newport's 818 series detectors. its sophisticated automation capabilities are well suited for laboratory applications.

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Newport 2835-C High-Performance Dual Channel Optical Power Meter

Connects with series 818 Power Sensors.

Specifications at a glance for the 2835-C:

  • Display type: 6 digit vacuum fluorescent
  • Sampling resolution: 20,000 count < 25 Hz, 4096 count < 1 kHz
  • Gain ranges: 7 decades
  • Current sensitivity (full scale): 2.5 nA-2.5 mA
  • Voltage sensitivity (full scale): 790 µV-25 V
  • Analog output: 0-2.5 V into 50Ω
  • DC accuracy: < ± 1%
  • Power requirements: 90-240 VAC



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