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Keysight N7744A 4 Channels Power Meter

The Agilent / Keysight N7744A is a high-speed Optical Multiport Power Meter (OPM) designed for testing multi-port devices like multiplexers, PON splitters, and ROADMs. With a wavelength range of 1250 to 1650 nm, it offers a dynamic range up to 65dB in swept and logging applications without ranging. It's the perfect tool for high-speed measurement data acquisition.

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The Agilent / Keysight N7744A features a wavelength range of 1250 to 1650 nm, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its dynamic range of up to 65dB in swept and logging applications without ranging ensures accurate and reliable measurements.

This OPM is equipped with four InGaAs sensor ports, offering high-speed measurement data acquisition. It also has a low polarization dependence of <±0.01 dB, ensuring precise results.

It performs precision optical power measurements to characterize light sources. Optical power meters have wavelength-tunable optical filters for light to pass through so a photodetector can convert the signal into a proportional electrical current.

The N7744A is a cost-effective optical power meter that provides stable measurement independent of the optical fiber type. It accepts both single-mode and multimode fibers, making it a versatile tool for a variety of applications.

Discover the KEYSIGHT N7744A Optical Multiport Power Meter at, your trusted source for quality telecom equipment. This power meter achieves a level of space-saving channel density that is new in the industry, and simplifies fiber handling for many-port device testing.

With this new power meter comes the unprecedented N7740 fiber connectivity concept, which is a quadruple adapter with a snap-on quick-locking mechanism. The device to be tested can be connected to the quad-adapters in a comfortable ergonomic working position, even while the instrument is measuring another device. The quad-adapters can be quickly snapped on to the instrument, to provide reliable and repeatable high-precision connections

Calibration type : Premium Calibration included

  • Calibration to OEM specification
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Calibration Label
  • Calibration Data

Specifications at a glance :

    • Sensor element : InGaAs
    • Wavelength range : 1250 nm to 1650 nm
    • Power range : -80 dBm to + 10 dBm
    • Maximum safe power : + 16 dBm
    • Data logging capability : 2 buffers per port, each with capacity for 1 Mio. measurement points
    • Averaging time : 1 µs to 10 s
    • Applicable fiber type : Standard SM and MM = 62.5 µm core size, NA = 0.24
    • Uncertainty at reference conditions : ±2.5%
    • Total uncertainty : ±4.5%
    • Relative port to port uncertainty : typ. ±0.05 dB
    • Linearity at 23 ±5°C operating temperatures : ±0.02 dB ± 3 pW
    • Polarization dependant responsivity : < ±0.015 dB (1520 nm to 1580 nm)
    • Spectral ripple (due to interference) : < ± 0.01 dB (1520 nm to 1625 nm)
    • Drift (dark) : ± 9 pW
    • Noise peak-to-peak (dark) : < pW (1 s averaging time, 300 s observation time)
    •  Optical Connectors Adaptors are sold separately.
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