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JDS HA37+10FP7 Optical Attenuator

This JDS Fitel HA37 is a Singlemode 9/125 µm optical attenuator. The JDS Uniphase Programmable Attenuator HA37 model has a wide wavelength range of 1200-1700 nm. It has an attenuation range of ± 0.1 dB. This HA37+10FP7 has no built-in options. The port type is bulkheads on front with FC/PC connectors. JDS Fitel HA937 attenuators can also be fitted with 10/90 or 50/50 splitter or with a SW12 optical switch 1x2. The H9 Series has a SCPI/HP8156A compatible command set and they can be controlled either from the front panel keypad or by GPIB (IEEE 488.2) and RS232 interfaces .

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JDSU HA37+10FP7 Optical Attenuator

Characteristics of the HA37+10FP7

  • Wavelength range: 1200 to 1700 nm
  • Attenuation range: 0 to 60 dB
  • Attenuation tuning resolution: 0.0005 dB
  • Attenuation linearity: ± 0.1 dB
  • Fiber type: Singlemode
  • Fiber port: Bulkhead on front
  • Optical connector: FC/PC
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