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Agilent 81566A Optical Attenuator (iVOA)

The Agilent/HP 81566A is a variable optical attenuator plug-in module (dual-slot) for Agilent's Lightwave Multichannel Platform 8163, 8164 and 8166 series, used for attenuation and control of optical power through 9/125 µm single mode optical fibers (SMF28). Agilent 81566A features power control functionality: this HP 81566A module automatically corrects power changes at the input to maintain the output level set by the user. Standard applications include Bit Error Rate testing, DWDM channel equalization and testing and calibrating the linearity of power meters. This high resolution module (0.001 dB) has a typical return loss of 45 dB and is used with straight fiber connector.

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Agilent 81566A Optical Attenuator with Power Control to set the output power level of the attenuator. This VOA is a "two slots" plug-in module and pairs with the Agilent Mainframes 8163A/B, 8164A/B and 8166 A/B.

Specifications at a glance for the 81566A:

  • Connectivity: Straight Connector, Versatile Interface
  • Fiber type: Singlemode 9/125 µm SMF28
  • Wavelength Range: 1250-1650 nm
  • Attenuation Range: 0-60 dB
  • Resolution: 0.001 dB
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 dB
  • Return Loss: typ.45 dB
  • Maximum Input Power: +22 dBm

Additional Information
Two connector interfaces are required for each Agilent 81566A. Each connector is sold separately.
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