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HP 81521B Opt 001 Ge Optical Head

The HP 81521B opt001 is an optical head that connects to the 81533A or 81533B which is a plug-in module that fits the 8153A and 8163 and 8166 Agilent/HP series mainframe. It also connects to the 8152A Optical Average Power meter. That model was specifically introduced to work in conjunction with the 8169A and the E5574A. The 81521B-001 optical head is made of a 5mm Ge (germanium) sensor element and covers the range of 900-1700nm wavelengths in a range of +3 to -64dBm. Various connector interfaces are available for that head.

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Item : HP 81521B OPT 001 GE Optical Head 

Calibration type : Premium Calibration included. (Calibration label, Calibration report and Calibration data)

  • Wavelength Range: 900 to 1700 nm
  • Detector Type (Sensor Element): Germanium
  • Detector Size (diameter): 5 mm
  • Power Range: -64 to +3 dBm
  • Wavelength Accuracy (Uncertainty): ± 2.2% (100 to 1650 nm)
  • Noise (peak to peak)(averaging time 1 second): < 600 pW (1200-1600 nm)
  • OPT 001 : This specific model was designed for Agilent E5574A Optical Loss Analyzer C/W 81521B OPT 001 + 8169A Polarisation Controller; it has specific specs.

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