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Newport 818-IR Optical Head

The Newport 818-IR Detector Head use the finest large area germanium PIN and is optimized for zero-bias operation to provide the low  The detector has a 780-1800 nm spectral range. The optical head is compatible with  Newport high performance optical power meter 1835-C or 2835-C.

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Newport818-IR Optical Head with BNC Connection and OD3 Attenuator. Connector DB15 or Calibration Module are not included

Specifications at a glance for the 818-IR:

- Wavelength Range: 780 to 1800 nm

- Detector Type (Sensor Element): Germanium

- Detector Size (mm): 3 mm

- Power (Max.): 3 mW/cm2

- Wavelength Accuracy (780-1700 nm) (Uncertainty): +/- 2% with no attenuator

Additional Information


Calibration modules are required when using Cylindrical and Hand-Held
Detectors with Newport Model 840-C, 1830-C, 1835-C, 2832-C,
2835-C or 4832-C optical meters. The calibration module option is indicated by the "CM" suffix in the detector Model number.

Below Photodiode Detector Accessories are not included. Contact us for availability:

  • 818-FA2: Bare Fiber Holder Mount
  • FP3-FH1: Bare Fiber Holder
  • 818-FA: Fiber Adaptor Mount
  • FP4-ST: ST Connector Adaptor
  • FP4-FC: FC Connector Adaptor
  • FP4-LC: LC Connector Adaptor
  • FP4-SC: SC Connector Adaptor
  • FP4-CORE-VIS: Adaptor Core (AR coated @ 430-700 nm)
  • FP4-CORE-NIR: Adaptor Core (AR coated @ 650-1000 nm)
  • FP4-CORE-IR: Lensed Adaptor Core (AR coated @ 1000-1550 nm)
  • 883-OH: 1" Optic Holder for Photodiode Detector
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