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Anritsu MS9710C OSA

The Anritsu MS9710C is a diffraction-grating optical spectrum analyzer for analyzing optical spectra in the wavelength band 600 to 1750 nm. The MS9710C is the third generation of the MS9710 series from Anritsu. The MS9710C has numerous pre programmed measurement functions and can be equipped with options such as internal calibration source. The input is fibered (not air).

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Anritsu MS9710C Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)

Specs at a glance for the MS9710C

  • Wavelength Range: 600 to 1750 nm
  • Dynamic Range: 62 dB (1 nm from peak wavelength)
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ± 300 pm (600 to 1750 nm)
  • Wavelength Linearity: ± 20 pm (1530 to 1570 nm)
  • Polarization Dependency: ± 0.05 dB (1550/1600 nm)

Additional Information

  • Resolution Accuracy: ± 2.2% (1530 to 1570 nm, resolution: 0.5 nm)
  • Level Accuracy: ± 0.4 dB (1300/1550 nm, input: -23 dBm, resolution: > 0.1 nm)
  • Level Linearity: ± 0.05 dB (1550 nm, -50 to 0 dBm, optical ATT: off)

The MS9710C is an Optical Spectrum Analyzer for a wide range of applications including light source evaluation, measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices and waveform analysis of WDM Systems.

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