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Yokogawa AQ6360 OSA

The AQ6360 is the fastest optical spectrum analyzer for optical device manufacturing offered by Yokogawa. It is a cost-effective optical spectrum analyzer ideal for industrial manufacturing of telecom devices such as lasers, optical transceivers and optical amplifiers.

The AQ6360 features a wavelength range of 1200 to 1650 nm for ideal manufacturing test performance. Its free space optical input structure design allows for guaranteed high coupling efficiency and measurement repeatability. Additional features and functions of the AQ6360 include built-in analysis functions and Ethernet and GPIB remote interfaces.

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Specifications at a glance:

Applicable fiberSM (9.5/125µm), GI (50/125µm, 62.5/125µm)
Wavelength range1200 to 1650nm
Span0.1 to 450nm (entire wavelength range), and 0nm
Wavelength accuracy±0.02nm (1520 to 1580nm, 1580 to 1620nm)
Wavelength repeatability±0.01 nm (1 min.)
Wavelength resolution setting0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 and 2nm
Wavelength resolution
bandwidth accuracy
Minimum sampling resolution0.001nm
Number of sampling points101 to 50001, AUTO
Level sensitivity settingNORM_HOLD, NORM_AUTO, NORMAL, MID, HIGH1 AND HIGH2
Level linearity±0.1 dB (input level: -50 to + 10 dBm, sensitivity: MID, HIGH1-2)
Level flatness±0.2 dB (1520 to 1580nm, 1580 to 1620nm)
Polarization dependence±0.1 dB (1550nm)
Dynamic range55 dB (Peak ±0.4nm), 40 dB (Peak ± 0.2nm) (Resolution: 0.1 nm)
Optical return loss35 dB (typ. with angled-PC connector)
Optical input connectorFC or SC
Built-in calibration light source (option)Wavelength reference source (for wavelength calibration)
Sweep timeNORM_AUTO: 0.2s, NORMAL: 0.5s, MID: 1s, HIGH1: 2.5s, HIGH2: 10s
Warm-up timeMinimum 1 hour (after warm-up, the wavelength calibration is required)
Electrical interfaceGP-IB, Ethernet (TCP/IP), AQ6317 series compatible commands (IEEE488.1) and IEEE488.2
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