JDS Optical Switch 1 x 47  Pigtail

JDS Optical Switch 1 x 47 Pigtail

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JDS SB0147-Z000419 Optical Switch 1X47

Specs at a glance for the SB0147-Z000419

  • Switch Configuration: 1X47
  • Input Port Type: Pigtails on front
  • Output Port Type: Pigtails on front
  • Fiber Type: Singlemode
  • Connector Type: FC/APC
  • Communication Port: GPIB & RS-232


    The JDS SB switches are known in the fiberoptic industry for their low insertion loss and excellent repeatability.The SB switches can also accommodate up to 48 channels.

    Additional Information

    The SB and SC series switches are available in four basic configurations:

  • C configuration - single common input model
  • D configuration - provides simultaneous connection of a bank of input fibers to output fibers
  • E configuration - allows any input to be connected to any output while other inputs/outputs are aligned to subsequent/adjacent channels. The switch is non-blocking in this mode and other inputs/outputs are aligned
  • F configuration - enables one of the inputs to be aligned with an output in a blocking sense, with a result in reduction of available output channels and a low-loss M x N blocking switch

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