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Tektronix TFP2+FM8513 OTDR (850/1300 MM)

The TEKTRONIX TFP2A FiberMaster Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an optical-fiber test instrument capable of measuring loss characteristics and displaying faults, splices, and other fiber events in singlemode and multimode optical fibers.

FiberMaster applies pulses of light to the fiber under test via the optical output connector. As the pulses travel through the fiber, some light is reflected back to the instrument. These reflections are processed to display a visual representation of the fiber on FiberMaster’s cathode ray tube (CRT), where you can make distance and loss measurements on the fiber under test.

The CRT display is a time plot, read from left to right. The trace starts with the outgoing pulse, and the time difference is converted to distance in the measurement process. When you view a typical fiber display, events that are further down the fiber appear to the right (later in time). Loss is measured on the CRT’s vertical scale.

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Tektronix TFP2 OTDR

with opt 11 (3.5 floppy), 16 (thermal printer)

Module:FM8513 opt 24 (STcon. MM, 62.5 µm)

+ Manual, carrying case

Offer offering dual-wavelength multimode and dual-wavelength single mode optical cable testing at the push of a button. Allows testing of virtually any communications network, Telco, CATV, or LAN without switching modules. Measurements include event loss, event distance, two-point distance, two point loss, fiber attenuation, event return loss (reflectance and link return loss (ORL). High-resolution color display system. Long-range performance; MS-DOS file compatible; 1 dB to 50 dB vertical display range, 1 m to 200 km distance display range, GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.

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