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Yokogawa AQ7275 OTDR OPM SMF SC

AQ7275-735041 with options PM and SLS. 850/1300 nm (MM) and 1310/1550 nm (SM) with Power Monitor and Stability-light source function, SC connector (fixed).
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Item : AQ7275-735041/PM/SLS 

Calibration type : Functional test only.

  • Verification of voltage type for destination country.
  • Verification of equipment functionality.

An example of a functional test for a mainframe : Verify that each module slot is working, that ethernet and GPIB control are operational, verify USB input and VGA output, verify interlock.

Specifications at a glance :

  • Center wavelength 850 nm ± 30 nm, 1300 nm ± 30 nm, 1310 nm ± 25 nm, 1550 nm ± 25 nm
  • Applicable fiber SM (ITU-T G.652) when using the SMF port
  • GI (50/125 µm) when using the MMF port (735041)
  • GI (62.5/125 µm) when using the MMF port
  • Event dead zone 2 m (typ.)@850/1300 nm 0.8 m@1310/1550 nm
  • 1 m (typ.)@850/1300 nm (735041)
  • Attenuation dead zone  6 m (typ)@850 nm (735041), 10 m (typ.)@1300 nm, 7 m (typ.)@1310    nm, 8 m (typ.)@1550 nm
  • Dynamic range (min.) 21.5dB@850nm(735041/GI (50 µm)), 22.5dB@850nm(735041/GI (62.5µm)), 23dB@1300nm(735041/GI (50 µm)), 24dB@1300nm(735041/GI (62.5 µm)),
    40 dB@1310 nm (735040/735041), 38 dB@1550 nm (735040/735041)
  • Light source (optical output) –5 dBm or more@1310/1550 nm (735041 /SLS option)
  • Light source (output level stability) ±0.1 dB@1310/1550 nm (735041 /SLS option)
  • Optical power monitor (input level) –50 dBm to –5 dBm@1310/1550 nm (/PM option)
  • Optical power monitor (accuracy)*3 ±0.5 dB@1310/1550 nm (/PM option)

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Warranty : 30 day warranty

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Warranty fine print : Note that this is not a Right of Return.  We will only accept a return if the unit is defective within the warranty period.  Return shipping is at your cost and prepaid. Warranty shall become null and void should it be determined that the equipment was subjected to undue abuse, involved in any mishap, incorrectly wired and/or used/maintained in a manner contrary to the manufacturer's published instructions. Warranty period starts upon reception of the item at the delivery place.

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