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Photonetics OM 3646HE1540 Option P6 TLS

Photonetics Tunics-OM module incorporates an adjustable automatic-power-control diode driver and provides more than 0 dBm of truly-single-mode optical power over the tuning range. Two wavelength ranges are available, 1500-1570 nm or 1530-1600 nm. For more power-hungry applications, Photonetics offers +6 dBm and +10 dBm high-power options. An external input allows each unit to be intensity modulated from 10 kHz to 1 GHz.

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Photonetics Tunics-OM 1540 3646HE1540 Option P6 Tunable Laser Source Module

Specifications at a glance for the 3646HE1540 Option P6:

  • Wavelength Range: 1520 to 1570 nm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 0.01 nm (typ.)
  • Optical Output Level: 6 dBm
  • Fiber Type: SMF-28

Additional Information

  • Optical Power Stability: ± 0.01 dB

Options for the 3646HE1540 Option P6:

  • P6: High Output Power: 6 dBm
  • P10: High Output Power: 10 dBm
  • M: Polarization Maintaining Output fiber (orientation TE in slow axis, in line with connector key)

The Photonetics Tunable Laser Sources are optimized for maximum output power and stability. Due to the nature of the source, their outputs are intrinsically unpolarized. The output isolator ensures stable operation even when there is a high-level of reflection.

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