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New Focus 6437 Tunable Laser (L band)

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New Focus 6437 TLS

Specs at a glance for the 6437

  • Wavelength Range: 1565-1625 nm
  • Output Power: 6 dBm (Peak)
  • Power Flatness Across Range: ± 0.25 dBm
  • Absolute Wavelength Accuracy: 30 pm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 1 pm
  • Tuning Speed: 100 nm/s

Additional Information

  • Warm-up Time: > 45 Minutes
  • Signal To Noise Ration: > 50 dB
  • Laser Linewidth Jitter: 15 MHz/s

The New Focus 6437 Vidia-Discrete laser is a stable, narrow-linewidth source of tunable light. The laser operates in three modes: track mode, automated stepscan mode, and interactive step-scan mode. Use it in track mode to operate it at a set wavelength. In the step-scan modes, the laser dwells at evenly spaced wavelengths as it scans. The system can be operated manually, using the front-panel controls, or remotely, using one of the computer interfaces. The 64X7 Series Vidia-Discrete laser is an external-cavity diode laser (ECDL) based on the Littman-Metcalf design. The system provides high resolution when stepping between wavelengths. An ultra-low-noise current source controls the laser’s output power. A temperature-control circuit actively stabilizes the laser-cavity temperature for optimal performance.

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