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Spectra-Physics 124A HeNe Laser

Spectra-Physics Model 124A 15 mW Helium-Neon Gas Laser provides greater than 15 milliwatts of power at 632.8 nm. A medium power laser, the 124A is ideal for a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications such as holography, photoelasticity, scattering, and Raman spectroscopy.

The plasma tube in the Model 124A incorporates recent developments in cathode design and plasma tube sealing. These advances contribute to substantial improvements in lifetime. Lifetime of the 124A plasma tube will typically exceed 5000 hours.

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Model 124A Specifications

OutputPower: >15 milliwatts at 632.8nm
  Optional Wavelengths:611.8nm, 1150nm, 3391nm
 Transverse Mode:TEM00
 Longitudinal Mode Spacing (C/2L): 214 MHz
  Beam Diameter:1.1 millimeters measures at 1/e2 points
   Beam Divergence:1.0 milliradians
 Polarization: Linear to better than 1 part in 102
 Angle of Polarization:Oriented vertical to within ±5°
Stability Long term:<5% per hour after one hour warmup.  Assumes ambien temperature variation less than 10°C.
 Beam Amplitude Noise (1 to 100kHz)<0.3% rms
 Beam Amplitude Ripple (120 Hz): <0.2% rms
Environmental CapabilityOperating Temperature:10°C to 40°C
 Storage Temperature:-50°C to + 85°C
 Altitude:Sea level to 10,000 feet
Power Requirements (Model 255 Exciter):Voltage:115v/230v ± 10%
 Power: 125 volt-amperes
Mechanical Dimensions:Laser: 25lbs
  Exciter: 7½ lbs
  Cable Length (Exciter to laser): 8 feet
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