AssetRelay was created as a division of Simbol Test Systems Inc. in 2002 to complement Simbol’s offer of new equipment with lower priced but fully operational units. After a few years, a full size warehouse was required and, in 2005, Simbol bought its own building. Our success is mostly linked with our ability to establish long term supply partnerships with local and international companies leading AssetRelay to become the largest reseller in the niche market of Telecom-Optical used test equipment.

In 2005, having a number of highly skilled technician on staff, Simbol Test Systems extended its repairs and calibration service offer not only to its own AssetRelay division but to global market leading to a quick expansion of its laboratory. In 2007, a new division of Simbol Test Systems was created to develop our own line of products; PhotonCom.

Today AssetRelay is an internationally known trade mark with the largest Used Optical Test Equipment inventory in the world. This inventory is matched with an on premise laboratory to qualify the equipment to be sold. This makes AssetRelay Internet's one stop shop for quality certified used and refurbished Optical Test Equipment.

Don’t be fooled by websites of other resellers showing enormous inventories! Most of 
them post every model they can list and will start shopping for it once you contact them with a quote request. In most cases, those resellers will contact AssetRelay to source it. Cut an unnecessary intermediary by buying from us direct! On AssetRelay’s website, you can clearly see if we have it in stock or not. If you cannot find the exact model number you need on our web site, Our Sales Team is ready to help you find it. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and have built a network of contact that shall prove valuable when needing to find a rare piece.

Proven Quality

Once you place an order with AssetRelay, the equipment is moved from the warehouse to Simbol’s lab to be tested and, in most cases, calibrated. Our technicians will perform all needed tests to ensure your equipment meets the manufacturer’s published specifications. It is important to note that many of the calibration procedures surpass the original manufacturer’s and our calibration stations are built with N.I.S.T. traceable equipment.



In the Optical test gear sphere, Simbol is the most renown repair and calibration center there is. Many resellers do not hesitate to send their equipment to Simbol for repair and calibration. If your need is for the repair of a piece of test gear, just send us an email through the contact us link and we’ll tell you if your product can be serviced by Simbol. On top of used test gear repair and calibration, Simbol is the authorized Canadian service center for Fujikura Fusion Splicers and Cleavers. Simbol was also selected by JDSU Optical Instruments (now Viavi Solutions) to support their older manufacture discontinued products. Simbol’s laboratory is compliant with many ISO 17025 requirements But it was found of no real technical value to pursue any ISO or other accreditation so we are not ISO 17025.


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